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Make available statistics/information on how much risks have been reduced by risk reducing measures.

The results from risk reducing measures that has been implemented in a company is a good key performance indicator for the companys overall risk reduction. If we somehow highlight risk reduction as statistics or in numbers this could be of educational use for the users on their overall performance in risk reduction in their use of chemicals.

Examples of numbers that could somehow be highlighted in the system:

  • Amount of finished measures in a given time/overall/the latest year etc. 
  • Percentage in which the overall risks have been reduced by the finished measures.
  • Percentage in which the overall risks will be reduced when the unfinished measures have been implemented.

These numbers could be presented in Statistics, in location product overview or under Administration - Measures, but preferably in a easy accessible place. 

Customers can use these statistics/numbers to compare Location specific risk reduction. Departments within companies can compare the effect of their risk reduction measures among each other and "compete". 

  • Guest
  • Feb 1 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Jul 7, 2021

    Admin response

    This is a very relevant suggestion that we agree would bring a lot of value to our product.

    Although we will not be implementing this feature at this point in time, we consider it highly relevant for our Reporting and Analytics tool moving forward. The suggestion will be revisited at a later stage, when the data for actions (measures) is being addressed.

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