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Combine Eco Reseller and Publisher (OEM)

The type of customers that use Reseller and Publisher OEM are the same: customers that sell chemical products but does not create their own SDS. If they created their own SDSs they would use a regular Publisher, not a Publisher OEM. Therefore it would be perfect if they could use Reseller as a way to both pick other brands from the database and get their own brands straight into the Reseller, without the detour via a Publisher OEM that they maybe don't even know they have. The Reseller owner could then select proper Product group for the SDS they have got from the consultant/producer. This could make Reseller so much more attractive in general, and easier for the ones that have their own brand + selling other brands. This will create no extra work or confusion for the producer creating and OEM Publishing the SDS: they will still create the SDS and send it to a recipient system as usual. Technically, all the features of Publisher have to go into Reseller I guess, or Reseller features into Publisher, and maybe that is super complicated or super easy, I don't know, but I think it would be a good idea :)  See the two attached pictures.

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  • Jan 16 2018
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