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Adding vendor as search field

Reseller-solution consist of different producers of chemicals. Many users who search for chemicals, use their vendors name instead of the producer. Many users also have a certain vendor as main chemical supplier. I suggest a field in Eco Archive where you can write in the vendors name. What shows in the search results, is what the vendor has added in their Reseller. An extra column can show the Vendor as well as the Producer.


Benefits of searching on vendor for Eco Archive users:

- Makes it faster to build up your inventory if you have a main vendor using Reseller. Just search the vendor and add from a list

- Gives the user the possibility to use vendors name instead of producer since they know the chemical name and where it was purchased

- Easy to see what their vendor(s) have in stock regarding to other chemicals


Benefits of searching on vendor for Reseller users:

- Gives them the possibility to profile their whole store to many thousands of archive users

- They can use this possibility in their own marketing

- May incentivize their customers to purchase more chemicals from their main supplier(s)

  • Guest
  • Mar 12 2018
  • Under consideration
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