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Reason for expiration shown in section 16 in Eco Archive. Choose reson for expiration in Publisher.

When a producer/supplier or EcoOnlines set an expiration date, the SDS is marked as "Expired" (Utgått). When EcoOnline sets an expiration date they often comment on why the SDS is expired. This is valuable information for the customer. They know if they need to contact their supplier  to get an updated SDS or can just chill because the product is no longer produced and sold.  I haven't seen any Publisher user who makes theese valuable comments. If it was mandatory to give a reason for expiration, that would be very helpful for the Archive customers. Either by adding a required comment field if someone sets an expiration date, or by adding a required dropdown with preset reasons if expiration date is set, e.g. "No longer on the marke", "Duplicate in the system", "Replaced by product ...." 

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  • Jun 29 2018
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