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Add established date to product list to comply with Swedish legislation AFS 2011:19 6§.

There is a requirement in AFS 2011:19 6§, that there should be a date in the list of chemicals. The date should reflect when the list was established. I use the standard report called "Visa samtliga kemiska riskkällor" and the only thing missing here is the established date.

Comment: I would say this relates to a big issue several companies have. The legislation demands a date when the risk source is listed, yes, but it also relates to the fact that there is no way to mark when a list/product/location is last checked. The SDSs are updated, but what about the list itself? When is the last time anyone checked that the list of products is accurate? Many companies have a routine where they go through all their products regularly, like once a year or something like that, and there is no easy way to just mark the product or the location as checked to show your boss that you have done your yearly inventory check.

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  • Oct 20 2017
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    8 Feb, 2019 08:19am

    I think it's the same demand we've got. We need to get a list according to the attachement. Also related to AFS 2011:19.