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Full functionality for Chrome and Edge

I have learned from EcoOnline that some new features are only working in Firefox. But what is the point of adding new features to EcoOnline, if they are not working for the most used web browser, Chrome? To rely on that some of your new modules are only working in Firefox is not good enough! And at many work places one is stuck with the buildt in web browser Edge. Thus - please give priority to make EcoOnline work on Chrome and Edge!

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  • Nov 2 2020
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    Caroline Larsson commented
    17 Nov, 2020 10:03am

    Thank you for your suggestion. We put much effort in making our products work on all the browsers that our users most frequently use, including Firefox as well as Chrome, Edge, Explorer 11 (no one of the older IE versions are supported), Safari and Opera, with IE being the most frequently used browser, and on both Windows and macOS.

    We have one functionality that historically has worked best on Firefox, and that is the offline version of Chemical Manager called Anywhere. Could that maybe be what you are referring to? There is some partucular challenges with that functionlaity because the browser has to be able to work offline. We are working on a solution for Chrome and Edge specifically to cover that. Please contact your EcoOnline support team to get more informaton about this.

    /CM Product Management