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Show all lists, not only the ones that gives hits. Important to also see where there is no hit.

Show a (0) after the lists name in the view of custom lists.

Today the result only present the lists which gives you a result.

ex. I have made 3 lists:

Custom list name 1

Custom list name 2

Custom list name 3

When I look in the result of legaslation this is what is presented

Custom list name 3 (98)

Custom list name 1 (51)

This indicates that I have 51 results(rows) from list 1 and 98 results(rows) from List 3. I have no results(rows) in list 2 and therefor I do not find this list here. In my opinon it should instead be resented like this:
Custom list name 3 (98)

Custom list name 1 (51)

Custom list name 2 (0)

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  • Aug 26 2020
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