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Adding / updating SDS by customer instead of EcoOnline

To be able to maintain the register updated it would be good to have this as an option. It takes too long time to get SDS to database: First I ask it from the supplier, receive it in two-three days. Then I send it to EcoOnline and ask to add it to database, that takes 5-10 days maybe more. Then I add it to our own view.

For our people working with these substances this takes far too long to keep the aware of substances they are dealing with. And it forces me to keep another way e.g. e-mail to inform about product hazards.

It would be more efficient to keep the database up and running bymyself when I receive SDS without sending it anywhere.

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  • Aug 25 2020
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    Caroline Larsson commented
    27 Aug, 2020 02:45pm

    With the new SDS Request module, you can submit the SDS you received via e-mail. In the same second as you push the button to send it to us, it also get available to you coworkers via Chemical Manager. No delay, and your colleagues have the infomation they need.

    If you on the other hand have gotten an updated SDS for a product already existing in the database, please contact your local EcoOnlie office to request via what e-mail they want to receive updated documents.