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"Go back" button function for navigating.

When adding new SDS to locations I usually click on the SDS i have found on the global search to verify that the specific SDS and its contents. The issues arises when I try to add said SDS to a location, I can not press a "go back" button to get to the substance register to add the SDS, look for a new SDS or search for a new substance SDS. What I will have to do is manually update the page "F5" and search for the same SDS and then add it to the location needed, which is alot of work for a simple operation.

Therefore a "go back" button like you can find on the top left corner of internet browsers would be highly appreciated. 

  • Guest
  • Mar 6 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Apr 9, 2019

    Admin response

    We are working on our new Chemical manager design. The new design handles adding products in a different manner and opens the SDS in a different tab in your browser - eliminating the need to go back and preform a new search to be able to add your products.

    In addition - based on many years of great feedback from our users, the new design now allows you to add multiple products to multiple locations in one operation:)

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