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Access to sensitive location info with secure machine login, using machine certificates

Eco Archive should be able to authenticate a computer (iPad etc.), either as an replacement for the old username+password security scheme, or as an addition, giving even higher security to the Eco Archive access. Machine sertificates can provide this kind authenticaion, limiting access for one machine to one location (main or sub).

This is important functionality moving Eco Archive from the office and into the production and laboratory environment. This poses one important challenge: Secure machine access, without using user name + password access. This relieves the user from having to providing user name password in a potentially stressful situation. Machine authentication will give "allways on" and instant access when safety data sheets are most sorely needed.

Such access must be limited to the location in question, to avoid security hazards associated with knowledge of location and substances. Today such non-personal access can be facilitated by Eco Archive using IP address filters. However, stable externally visible IP addresses may not be an option for customers.

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  • Aug 9 2018
  • Will not implement
  • Nov 29, 2021

    Admin response

    Thank you for your contribution. We really appreciate your idea, but at the moment this suggestion is not applicable.

    Please keep up the good work and continue to share your ideas with us.

    Kind Regards, the EcoOnline Production Team

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